As we continue to explore the more experimental realms of UKG and it’s surrounding areas, we are noticing more and more producers start to drift towards the classic garage sound, even those who we wouldn’t have expected to hear it from previously. This is such an exciting thing to witness as it shows in the infectivity of the garage sound and also the pure depth within which producers from around the globe are now able to swim to source inspiration. Today, we are going to be taking a look at a label who have seriously impressed us across their first four releases, upping the levels once again on this latest offering as they pull together two of the most interesting producers of our time for a wicked four track collaborative link up.

Vitamin D is of course the label in question, and the duo, none other than K-LONE & Wilfy D, definitely one we didn’t see coming, but are so glad somebody did. Normally we would associate Wilfy D with a colourful blend of UKG influences, but hearing K-LONE move away from his usual more experimental, drone-driven style of soundscaping makes this a very interesting selection for us to dive head first into.

The first thing to say is that we were most certainly not dissapointed as the EP kicks off with the joyous vocal slicing and flawless drum processing of ‘Strawberries’, a super colourful creation jam-packed with lively garage themes and explosive 2-stepping beats to give the project an instant singalong. Next, ‘Moodswings’ delivers a slightly more alternative approach to the UKG sound, focussing on eerie pad textures and bouncing bass pulses, followed by the super old school memoirs of ‘STR8 UP’, sending us straight back to the So Solid era with some wicked vocal sampling.

Finally ‘Getting Late’ gives the pair a dizzying outro, with a gorgeous display of syncopated chord pulses and skippy melodic slides giving us the perfect amount of juice to wind down in style. All four tracks hold a serious bag of quality, which you can check out via our friends over at JunoDownload via the link below:

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