One of our favourite thing to do when exploring new underground music is returning to certain labels and imprints to see who is on the rise once again. There are now such a rich array of fabulous garage collectives that we seem to be seeing brilliant drops each and every week, but that in no way means we shouldn’t be celebrating them just as much as before. Today, we are heading up to one of the UK’s spiritual dance music hubs and home, as the Sheffield-based Strictly House & Garage crew return with another vibrant collection, this time welcoming back the sounds of Joedan across four pumping original designs.

Over the years Joedan has tried his hand at many a different genre and style, from dubstep to bassline to garage to tech house, with his approach finding relative success in every area it has to be said. His overall aproach has been heralded and celebrated, primarily for it’s consistency and of course his creativity, which comes out by the bucketload across this brand new EP selection. Overall it’s a very enjoyable listen and another wicked link up for the Strictly House & Garage team, who have continued to push fresh, innovative 4×4 music in many different ways over the last few years.

The EP opens up with some serious flavour on the ‘Bumpa’ VIP mix, jam-packed with bulbous drum energy and a seriously high octane set of techy basslines, this one holds an infectiously groovy vibe throughout. It’s then followed by the bubbling melodic drifts and shuffling rhythms of ‘Naughties’, which gives us a much more sublow feel, before the moogy bass pumps of ‘The Git Up’ arrive in style, focussing on old school drum sounds and more shuffling rhythms. Finally, the much more lofi bass manipulations and crunching drum slaps of ‘Weak 2022’ also throws some heavily effected vocal samples into the mix, rounding off the project in style!

You can take a listen to the full EP previews via our friends below at JunoDownload:

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