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JGE Kicks Off 3000 Digital’s 2019 Release Schedule Like Nobody Else Can

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We are looking to keep up this rich quality of releases over the next year through the label arm of our network, 3000 Digital as we bring you guys another 12 months of forward thinking bass music.

The first of these label releases comes to us courtesy of Birmingham based Bassline badman JGE, who has recently put together heavyweight features for top draw projects such as Deeprot, Gassed & Project Allout and has received support from the likes of DJ Q, Holy Goof, Mr Virgo, Jay Faded, Cajama and many more.

He presents to us the mighty ‘Nobody Else’ and this track a perfect example of his signature style. Throughout a powerful intro we are introducing to sweeping synthetic structures, combining and fusing pushing the composition forward. Once we hit the breakdown however, all hell breaks loose as a cascade of sharp and expansive bass designs lunge forth amidst strong vocal lines and punchy drums to boot.

On the flip side for this one we have been gifted another bowl of treats as we take in the slightly more stripped back introduction of ‘Spiralling’. This one also packs an undercover punch however as we transition from the shimmering chord structures into the devious and dirty LFO patterns that emerge come the drop. Laser-like tones decimate the dance as we are swung left, right and centre by an extremely energetic creation.

We are absolutely thrilled to have JGE joining our release roster and we couldn’t be more excited for what this young prodigy bringing forward in the future.

‘Nobody Else’ is out 8th March but you can pre order it via iTunes now:

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Words: KXVU

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