Across the global expansion of both UK dance music and the garage sound in particular, the world has become aware of just how explosive both things can be, with a flood of new artists, labels, events and fans all coming together to push the movement across the globe. Despite this now much more international feel that is developing across the UKG community, it is important to remember the projects that are doing fantastic things on a much more local level, building and maintaining the foundations from which everything is able to then go on and flourish further forward. Today we are taking a look at the latest release from a label who have been doing just that for a hot minute.

We are in fact heading back up the road to the spiritual home of UK bassline, as the fantastic live event and record label combination of Strictly House And Garage are back in the headlines once again with another sumptuous collection. Over the now ongoing span of their catalogue, they have always done a fantastic job of both finding and promoting UK talent that hasn’t received as much support as they should have across other projects, with todays new collection coming to us from the nostalgia-inducing arrangements of the wonderful Jay Ward.

First up, we are introduced to a blipping minefield of digital drives and clunky melodic inputs on ‘Get Sharp’, giving us an almost carnival-sounding arrangement of sounds, but kicking off the project with a real sense of fun. The throwback vibes continue to thrive as we are then given the skippy textures of ‘Give It All Up’, a wobbly masterclass, again utilizing tight rhythmic jolts and catchy vocal samples to really up the energy levels. To then round off, a 2-step inspiring combination of smooth, dancefloor-ready sub lines and unpredictable horn stabs on ‘Do What You Do’, which does the business indeed, rounding off the EP with one final dash of energetic flavour.

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