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Jay Barrett – Selfish [Remixes] [Strictly Flava]

Posted 17/9/18 in

Now, when it comes to UKG, it’s safe to say that within the current sphere of directly dedicated labels, Stictly Flava is one of the standout projects, consistently putting forward exciting, vibrant, modern garage music. There is something specific about a good garage tune that hits home in the heart of any UK raver, be it the nostalgia, the uplifting feeling or just the spicy flavour of an original garage rhythm.

We can safely say that the new EP project from the Strictly Flava camp ticks all of those boxes, with their latest project being a remix homage to Jay Barrett’s ‘Selfish’, featuring heavyweight overhauls from some of the brightest sparks in garage music. We see both Soulecta and ZeroFG put down incredible recreations, bringing a tonne of vibrancy and creative drum techniques before we move into our feature presentation.

Limita’s official remix, which will be dropping alongside Soulecta’s and ZeroFG’s this Friday is an absolute corker. As a remix, this one comes in with some powerhouse features, bringing Limita’s explosive bass punches and rhythmic prowess to the table, marinating this one into a flavorsome slice of wonder. For now, you can stream the three tracks on SoundCloud via the link below:

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Words: KXVU

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