The motto at 3000 for some time now has been that international collaboration is always a good thing. We are at a point now within dance music where collaboration as a concept has never been easier, with file sharing being just a click away and shareable DAW project files being a regular occurrence. In our eyes this is such an exciting position to be in, especially within dance music, which traditionally has been an inside the DAW genre for some time now. It also means that international collaborations such as today’s piece of digital mastery are going to become more and more common, which we simply can’t wait for.


Introducing two heavyweights, we firstly have the intricate production stylings of Jaxx Da Fishworks, an incredibly consistent producer who never fails to deliver a fiery combination of original bass sounds and smooth drum productions. We see him here team up with the now legendary vocal talents of Dread MC, without a doubt the most consistent vocal performer to grace the bass scene and surrounding areas in recent years. This is a match made in heaven as we are about to hear within their brand new single ‘Faded’.

JAXX DA FISHWORKS & Dread MC - Faded [The 3000 Network Premiere]
JAXX DA FISHWORKS & Dread MC – Faded [The 3000 Network Premiere]
It’s a fantastic showcasing of sonic fusion, with so many different influences from across a wide range of genres all melting together into a bubbling pot of groovy bass instrumentation and silky smooth drum designs. Jaxx provides the undeniably exceptional rhythmic base, over which Dread does what Dread does best, providing us with ear-catching vocal chants and snippets which bring the whole composition to life in a big big way. This is without a doubt a tune that is going to be tearing sound-systems to pieces across the summer, with the world being hopeful of a return to festival culture asap!

Dread MC
Dread MC

We have been given the absolute pleasure of premiering this one, which you can check out the official upload for below:

Stream/download here

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