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Jaikea gives us a resonating early listen as we premiere ‘Sunday Night Roast’.

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We’ve been following the enigmatic releases of Resonate for quite a while now, with Reprezent & BBC’s Kade being the lead voice behind the movement. Over the last few years they have been putting together some vibrant projects, showcasing the best of bass, garage and funky in and around the UK scene.

This time around they have brought on board the exciting sounds of Jaikea, one of the most popular rapidly rising producers within the current bassline circuit, known for his creative bass melodies and crispy drum designs. This premiere, by the name of ‘Sunday Night Roast’ showcases his niche influences perfectly, bringing together quirky lfo led melodies and high pitched stabs and stutters, adding a real element of fun to what is a super crowded scene.

We were just in time to grab a few words with Jaikea ahead of the release of ‘Cross My Mind’ tomorrow on all platforms. You can check out the full interview below:


How long have you been dipping into the bassline party?

I created the Jaikea alias from around February 2017 after hearing the works from JG, DJ Q and early Skepsis tunes! From then my love for bassline formed and haven’t looked back since.

How long have you been working with Resonate? 

For about a year now, Resonate’s DJ Kade has been following my works and supporting on his radio shows on BBC & Reprezent. We have been in contact sharing music and were in talks of myself joining the team for my own radio residency’s so it was only right that we released this EP together.

What do you feel stands out most about this one?

Sunday Night Roast is a special one for me! I feel it fully represents what I’m about and “my sound”. From having the melodic intro with the choppy vocals to the dirty bassline, I set out to make the perfect club track and I feel that it has been a success.

Do you guys have any plans together for the future? 

I’m sure myself and resonate will be working closely together in the future with potential radio appearance and club nights.

What is on the horizon for you?

The future for me is looking good, I am set to start running my own event company to help build the bassline scene in London and bring it where it should be. I also have a ton of tunes ready for release including a bag of collabs. Also got a big release on a major compilation to be announced soon. So for now my aim is to just going to continue what I’m doing and share good music!

You can check out the premiere for ‘Sunday Night Roast’ below:

You can also preview the full project here:

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Words: KXVU

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