Is Drax the most underated producer in UK 140?

We like to keep an eye on what’s bubbling up across all the different areas of underground music here at threethousand.co.uk, with that range drifting from everything between tech house and dubstep, breakbeat and grime. Today we are taking a quick look at an EP that despite gaining a couple of pieces of exciting press, seems to have somewhat flown under the radar of the average listener, despite the EP itself being nothing short of outstanding.

Enter: Drax, a Bristol based producer, who following on from a spell dwelling on the sunny coast of Brighton found himself getting involved with the more square-wave influenced side of grime music, releasing numerous singles, compilation drops and EP’s with Southpoint, who at the time were in the process of asserting their roster, with Drax being one of the focal points ever since. The sound that Drax makes is so widely appealing yet so niche and special that we geniunely do struggle to work out why he hasn’t amassed a cult following at this point, with every EP getting stronger they continue to emerge.

His brand new EP sees him embark upon a stunning journey through icey synthesizer genius and expressive drum design with his ‘Second Thoughts’ EP, released last Friday via the Southpoint imprint. Made up of five tracks, it is yet another stunning showcase of just how good the guy is, kicking off with sweeping sub-squares and popping melodic plucks of ‘Seton Sands’. From here, the title track ‘Second Thoughts’ gives us another fantastic example of futuristic eski-harmonization, before ‘Blade Works’ forges together marching basslines with a glitchy set of 8bit-inspired rhythms for another absolute thrill ride.

The Southpoint team have made it quite clear how highly they rate Drax’s debut EP: ‘Frostie’, so when we saw they had comissioned a 2020 remix we couldn’t be more excited, with ‘Frostier’ being an explosive rethink of the original classic, stuffed full of expansive melodic design and ice cold synthesis, all playing on the original harmonic structure, before the smooth, charming chimes of ‘Tocsin’ sing the EP into a sleepy finale.

We have attached the EP for you to take a listen to below and we can guarentee you won’t be dissapointed:

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