We love, more than anything else, here at The 3000 Network, is to stay ahead of the game with emerging new talents from around the extensive underground dance music scenes we now find populating the UK as a whole. This afternoon, we wanted to take a closer look at an artist whose name has been catching our eyes for a couple of weeks now, following on from an explosive debut drop on Southpoint.

We are of course looking at DJ Jackum, a fantastic new producer, who having previously worked on the edge of the UKG scene with a different alias, has decided to reboot his approach with a more more niche & old school sounding set of influences. As we mentioned above, this more dancefloor-applicable sound earned him a debut release with Southpoint, a label that, without sounding biased, has always done it’s best to unearth exciting new dance music talent. Taking the title ‘Higher’, this worked as a fantastic way to launch the alias, gaining some solid chart placements with a nostalgic blend of repeating vocal slices and bouncing bass moogs.

This introduction seemingly went on to catch a number of different ears as his release schedule has featured two more full drops since early October. First up, he teamed up last week with the Garage Shared crew on their sister-white label imprint GS Dubs for ‘So Tell Me’, a booty-shaking blend of more vocal twists, this time upping the pace with a more intence approach to drum arrangement throughout.

He then ups the levels even further with a feature length four-track drop on Strictly House & Garage, one of the most consistent labels out there when it comes to supporting new underground talent. The full EP is another fantastic look into the creative process behind the new DJ Jackum approach and we couldn’t reccommend taking it in on long play any higher.

IF you didn’t already have your eyes peeled for an upcoming DJ Jackum release, we would suggest opening your vision before he becomes a household name in no time at all!

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