IndiAlman drops killer new ‘Flat Beat’ remix with 1Forty

Over the last year, one name has stood out to us at 3000 for the skillful way they have carved a path into the UKG scene from their home in Essen, Germany. IndiAlman are a force growing from strength to strength with their releases being more and more prolific, and even astounding us in recent months with their production-only mixes. Diving into the new year with immense speed is their hellfire debut on UK imprint 1Forty, with a signal at great things to come for the duo.

The chameleons known as IndiAlman course through a motley of influence and style in each release they deliver – their remix of Mr Oizo’s Flat Beat being no exception. Drawing away from tradition is a synth heavily governed by early trance piercing through the body of the track, which pairs seamlessly with a forceful bassline drawling through the bright, digital vibe maintained in the top end. Taking a rapid-fire, almost contorted synth may be an eccentric choice for their genre of choice, yet it drives the updated version of Flat Beat head and shoulders above many tracks across the current NUKG spectrum.

While IndiAlman are still considered newcomers in the scene of UKG, their first full year on the circuit has been one that many artists envy. Showcasing the impact that the British music scene has beyond geographical borders, IndiAlman keep listeners on edge with their uniquely European twist on the best of UK underground music. Under overcast skies comes a calling for sunshine in the German duo’s release, and its striking urgency throughout could not have us more ready for the days where we can hear it out in a crowd. With their signature being the enemy of categorising, Ashef and Alex soar ahead of trends, and this release was one we couldn’t wait to get stuck into.

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