Now across the numerous different bass and garage platforms that have both emerged and embedded themselves into the fabric of the scene over the last few years, nearly all of them have their flagship compilation series. Southpoint have ‘Southpoint Presents’, Night Bass have ‘This Is Night Bass’, the list goes on and on. These compilation projects often serve as the perfect way for the labels involved to pull together a tracklist and roster with a lot more width than normal and give an overall showcase into the direction the labels are looking to carry on traversing, both now and in the future as well.

Today, we are taking a look at the seventh edition to one of these compilation projects as our friends over at Incursion Recordings pull together a mammoth artist selection for the next ‘Invasion Sound’ drop. We have a lot of time for Incursion in general, being a label that in our eyes are able to tick all the boxes through enthusiastic release campaigns and an undeniably consistent release schedule across numerous different genres of electronic dance music. 

Invasion Sound, Vol. 7
Invasion Sound, Vol. 7

There are some serious heaters involved here, with all six tracks standing powerfully as standalone corkers, but working even stronger as a collection. We begin with the high tempo yet minimal electro vibes of CANDL’s ‘The Move’, before the warbling synth waves of ‘Can’t Help Myself’ from KnightBlock gives us a vibey experience. From here, Sushiki then delivers a bassy gutpunch with ‘Get To The Dance’, followed by the skippy, seemingly UKG inspired drum grooves of Cheap Mind’s ‘Bobby’s Groove’ original.

We then take in the final two originals, with the super consistent MMEE supplying us with a spacey exploration into reesey textures and shifting soundscapes in ‘Lock It Off’, before moving into the final original. Dutch Dannis supplies us with this finale and boy does it spark as ‘Like That’ unleashes a wave of futuristic bass energy to put the finishing touches on yet another top quality selection from the Incursion Recordings movement.

You can check out the full compilation below:


Stream/download here: https://ffm.to/inc068

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