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Incursion cause a ruckus with brand new various compilation, including a BTW premiere

Posted 28/6/19 in

We are absolutely loving the expansion of bass music in recent times, with a wash of new labels really finding their feet, not only in the music they are releasing, but in their general content curation, their social media presence, their branding and timing. One label that is doing everything right from what we can see is Incursion recordings, a label that has been active for just over 14 months, held together by TVU, Ryan Gallus, Zero Trash & Lowkey.

Which such a big team involved from the start, it is often easy to get the ethos mixed and confused with so many different styles and vibes, however the balance between the different genres they house sits perfectly, those genres being bassline, dubstep and drum and bass. Today we are here to take a look at the third edition of their well received ‘Invasion Sound’ compilation series, a project which has previously played host to the likes of Brosif, Amon, Zero Trash and more.

As compilations go, this latest edition is a perfect slice of what the label represents, that being tasty, forward thinking underground dance music. We see appearances from the likes of Ryan Gallus, Carmeezy, TVU, Sweech, CassCity & Voila Voila, who all bring their uniquely explosive styles to the table, providing us with a fabulous concoction of styles and flavours.

We are here today however to give you all an exclusive premiere of BTW’s debut inclusion, with an absolute heater by the name of ‘Back To The Basics’. BTW has been making some seriously weighty material of late, including well received releases on the likes of Maraki, Punks and more. His contribution to the project carries on in similar fashion as we are given a top draw composition, driven by some super slick, metallic bass licks, punchy drum switches and perfectly placed vocal snippets, leading to half-time rhythmic switches that will turn a dance to a zoo. This one has bags of energy, and we couldn’t be happier to be premiering it below:

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Words: KXVU

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