Not even a year on from the lauded first instalment of the ‘Bang it Like a Brit’ compilation, Sight by Sight – Russia’s premier bass music collective – have compiled an astonishingly replete selection of bass music artists on ‘Bang it Like a Brit 2’, ranging from old-school sounds to new.



Familiar faces such as: Burt Cope, Hoda, Samstone, Shifter and Sekt-87 all rep their corner, offering various entries from the big room flavours of the day, right through to the vintage stylings of 4×4. The result is a snapshot of the scene as a whole, and a great introduction to the rapidly developing genre, especially for new listeners in Russia and beyond.

Various Artists - Bang It Like A Brit 2
Various Artists – Bang It Like A Brit 2

For those following or otherwise showing interest in the burgeoning underground music culture developing in the Ural mountains, this couldn’t have arrived at a better time. The last five months alone have witnessed some astonishing growth, and has placed standouts such as baadwrk, DNL!, Gofra Maslow & Digital Koala firmly within view, leading to a number of international collaborations and releases between key promotions in the UK and Russia. Sight by Sight (who have recently undergone a visual rebrand) are at the cutting edge, and continue to push the sound with a distinctly Russian flavour. An example of this par excellence is SBS’ ‘Bassline Connection’ compilation, featuring British and Russian bass music artists. Aside from generating significant buzz and creating new networks in the scene, the compilations have served as a sound and skill share for the artists involved; add to this a second instalment of ‘Bang It’ featuring prominent Russian producers on the horizon, and we’re sure that the results of continued international link-ups will be fireworks.

Digital Koala
Digital Koala

We expect Sight by Sight to go from strength to strength in the coming year, and look forward to the first marquee show celebrating the Anglo-Russian bass music connection the right way.

You can check out Bang it Like a Brit 2 as a continuous mix below, or check the individual tracks via the label’s official Soundcloud:

Download from Beatport here

Sight by Sight SC: https://soundcloud.com/sbsrussia

Sight by Sight IG: https://www.instagram.com/sbsrussia