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Hypho stuns us with incredible three tracker on CNCPT Collective

Posted 21/1/20 in

Straight from the off it seems that 2020 is going to be a serious stand out year for the 140BPM community, primarily those involved with the re-emerging deep dubstep scene, which has seen a colossal resurgence throughout the last 18 months to begin with. We are seeing more and more producers flexing their dungeon-style muscles as every week we are gifted a sack full of incredibly potent new steppers gems.

One thing we have noticed that pleases us more than anything else about this reigniting of the dubstep flame, is the leveling up within a number of different record labels and collective projects. We are seeing so much consistency within the ever expanding realms of 140 bass music, and we honestly feel that it is this consistency driving everything else forward.

Today we witness the union of both an incredibly consistent label project and a tireless bass-heavy producer who is constantly striving to unearth that new piece of grizzly brilliance. Enter firstly: CNCPT Collective, a label I had the great pleasure of interviewing early in January following on from their booking agency expansion announcement. The Bristol based project has come on leaps and bounds in the last few months, doing their upmost to showcase the best in dubstep music around the UK and beyond.

They link up here with Hypho, a producer who’s endless originality and consistency require no introduction. He lands on the CNCPT Collective label arm with three absolute corkers. The title track takes the name ‘Revenge Porn’, which through a combination of crude vocal samples and potent sub designs kicks us off with a real buzz. Secondly, T Man joins the party for his high energy vocal performance on the glitchy soundscapes of ‘Terps’, another crunchy combination of vocal and stepper prowess.

Finally, we dive into what so far for us is the dubstep track of the year, as we come across ‘Fake Ass Thugs’. For us, this is the strongest original we have heard from Hypho in a hot minute, and it literally left us stunned. The combination of incredibly subtle yet somehow potent sub textures combined with raspy drum breaths and eerie atmospherics give this one an incredibly unique feel, and a good one to say the least!

The full release drops this Friday across all platforms, and we simply can’t wait! You can check out all three previews via the CNCPT Collective SoundCloud below:

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Words: KXVU

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