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Hybrid Theory drop killer new single on CruCast

Posted 26/6/20 in

In this game, we know, as do most, that consistency is well and truly key. Consistency comes in different formats, it accounts for branding, for releases, for so many little things. One duo that scream consistency in all of its formats are Birmingham’s own Hybrid Theory, a pairing of true veterans within the now worldwide bass music scene. Over the years they have continuously provided the UK and beyond with exciting, explosive original creations, whilst also managing an incredibly high output of releases through their own imprint Four40 Records.

Today however we are here to discuss their music and their most recent release as they bring together a storming new collaboration with Nehanda by the name of ‘Burn’. The release comes to us via the incredibly active CruCast, a label who have grown into one of the leading representatives worldwide for bassline music, with their recent run of releases showcasing an exciting array of new talent.

This time around they have gone for the veteran route however, with this new release being a dominant display of raucous bass designs, sizzling sub textures and outstanding over production techniques rendering this one of their cleanest collaborations to date, and boy does this one slap.

We were lucky enough to catch up with the boys for a quick Q/A sit down, which we have transcribed for you below

So how have you found the lockdown process?

I’m sure like everyone it’s been a frustrating and worrying time especially not seeing loved ones and friends.  We’ve literally just locked ourselves in the studio for the past 3 months and worked on music.

You’ve been busy behind the scenes at Four40, how do you keep everything so consistent?

We’ve got a great team at Four40 who keep the wheels in motion.  Big up Tom, John and Jordan.  It’s a collaborative team effort.

With the UK sound always evolving, how do you stay ahead of the game?

For us it’s just about diversity and originality.  Staying true to that will make you stand out from the pack.  Never be afraid to experiment with new sounds and hardware.

Who have you been enjoying the work of?

There’s so many at the moment who we’ve been feeling from up and comers to established artists.  Chris Lorenzo – goes without saying really. Bushbaby, Albzzy, Tuff Culture, Tsuki, Turno, Nu Bass, Zero and I.C.U.  All these guys are doing bits

Onto this new CruCast release, this isn’t the first time working with them is it?

Yes our first release with Crucast was back in 2017. Track was called ‘Wickedest Ting’ ft. DX3.How did this one come together?


We came across Nehanda in Birmingham city centre, she was busking and her vocals blew us away.  We arranged a studio date and the rest is history.  A lot more to come from us and her

How would you describe this one sonically in comparison to your other recent releases?

To be honest all our releases are sonically consistent, in terms of sound design majority of the bass and synth work was done with serum.  We did play with the bpm on this one , with most of our bass stuff being at 128, this ones at 135.

What else is on the way for you guys?
We’ve got some wicked releases dropping this year, right across the board from D&B to house.  Can’t say too much about them at the moment but you will hear them very soon.  

You can check out the track below:

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Words: KXVU

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