It’s always fun to see label heads jump around different projects to showcase their own production ability, rather than focussing solely on the A&R side of this music lark. There is very little doubt that Hybrid Theory‘s Four40 Imprint has been one of the standout projects within the full spectrum of UK bass and garage music. Their constant and relentless showcasing of the sound has given us one of the most popular platforms to both release on and listen to from a fans perspective, but this time around the Hybrid Theory boys have taken a little outing to once again flex their production muscles.

Enter: Nuvolve, one of the newer imprints on the block, but when a project is headed up by a legend as established and DJ EZ, it doesn’t feel they are newcomers whatsoever. Nuvolve’s introduction to the scene has been met with great excitement, putting together a top quality run of releases over the last few months, focussing the full range of garage flavours, from bubbling newcomers to more experienced veteran creations. Hybrid Theory fit right into that spectrum, as already established production figures, they arrive with a spicy new UKG bubbler, just in time for the reopening of the dances.

Taking the title ‘Bring Me Back’, we get to see exactly why Hybrid Theory are as established as they are as we are greeted by an up-tempo display of bubbling mastery. The entire approach to this new single hits the nail on the head with a fantastic combination of high energy vocal chops and groovy rhythmic switches, topped of with nostalgic chord progressions and generally old school feel. It’s going to be one that catches a lot of love in the dance and we couldn’t be more excited to see Hybrid Theory back in business!

You can check out the full release via the JunoDownload clip below:

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