Now within the realms of electronic dance music, something we tend to find rarer and rarer is the concept of a full length album project. It’s understandable I suppose, when you look at the context in which dance music is supposed to be consumed, it’s never about long form listening, it’s about the next thing, then the next and the next after that. However, when dance music producers are able to put the correct blend of ingredients together, full length albums within the dance music spectrum can be things of absolute beauty. That is exactly what we appear to have stumbled upon today as House Of Hustle unleash this spicy collection from Two Tails, totalling thirteen tracks for us all to enjoy!

Two Tails
Two Tails

The project takes the title ‘Vicky’ and is an exploration into the lockdown-driven production journey of Two Tails, who explores the full spectrum of house music and some surrounding areas with a powerful array of production techniques and system-ready rollers. The spectrum we find ourselves traversing through is very wide indeed, from the EDM-inspired synthetic dreamscapes of ‘Dance Like You’, to the popping experimental beats of ‘Candles’ alongside Lucy Knox and acidic whirlwinds of ‘Moving Ting’ with the wonderful Collosi Rah.

Two Tails Feat. Aylene - Kinda Always Maybe [The 3000 Network Premiere]
Two Tails Feat. Aylene – Kinda Always Maybe [The 3000 Network Premiere]
On that same note, the list of features within the project is pretty exceptional, with the likes of Anna Brinckmann, Hot Pot, CARZi and more all making exciting appearances and really taking the project as a whole to the next level.


Two Tails
Two Tails

We couldn’t resist getting involved with the project on a closer level, which is why we are very excited to bring you our official premiere of ‘Kinda Always Maybe’, a moody, sub-heavy sizzler alongside the majestic vocal presence of Aylene, which for us sits as one of the projects real standout creations, combining demonic synth patterns with smooth drum designs for a crunchy landing.

You can check out the official 3000 Network premiere of this one below: 



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