Following on from a fabulous run of recent releases, the House Of Hustle team continue their fantastic run of original drops with yet another spicy two track selection. In general, we have struggled to find many label projects within the house music spectrum, who are able to keep the creativity and energy levels as high as the House Of Hustle crew, who we have now been premiering and showcasing more from for the best part of three years here at The 3000 Network. We always say that consistency is key, so for any up and coming label projects, take a look at their method for inspiration.



Anyway, onto today’s actual release discussion, as the team unveil a very enjoyable two-track drop, welcoming the sounds of Latour to the table. The young Australian 4×4 mastermind has quite the collection or corkers under his belt, with numerous releases alongside the likes of Nervous Records, So Track Boa & Bunny Tiger, alongside previous work with the House Of Hustle crew, the resume is looking pretty damn spicy. Both tracks for this one hold a lot of solo weight, but once again, the A&R department at House of Hustle HQ have done a fantastic job of making the full two-track approach make sense sonically.

Latour - Whats That EP
Latour – Whats That EP

To open up the EP, we take in the moog-heavy arrangements and stripped back rhythms of ‘That’s What’, using charming bass & drum combos to deliver a smooth backdrop, slowly being added to by tidy percussive plucks and well designed vocal samples to match. From here, we then move into the second of the two tracks which takes the title ‘In The Party’, taking an even more stripped back approach than the A-side. This one focusses primarily on skippy drum rhythms and smooth sub-processing to deliver a velvety expanse of futuristic tech-house flavour.


As always, the House Of Hustle team have delivered a well thought out techy marvel, giving us yet another breath of fresh air.


You can check out The 3000 Network Premiere of ‘What’s That’ below:


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