Hoda takes it techy on new two track delight

Bass music as a sound has been constantly in flux for the last few years since the boom of the more whammy sound began to dissipate and shift into a more EDM-driven world. Since that point, people have begun to explore a much wider range of influences and ideas in regards to the underground dance music they have been building. This of course means that people have slowly but surely been mining out different gems from the tech-house movement, giving the whole sound a much more metallic, subtle vibe when the ideas combine.

One label we have noticed maneuvering around this landscape with quite a high level of aptitude is The Archives, a platform with a string of fifteen top quality releases, never being scared to explore this more subtle area of sound design. The latest release in their impressive run comes to us from the one and only Hoda, whose sound seems to us to fit perfectly with the mantra The Archives have been pushing forward and showcasing. Being based in Bristol as well, Hoda’s sound has already gained quite the reputation for it’s variation in influence and style, which again aligns perfectly to the above themes.

Jumping into the actual tunes, they are everything we could’ve hoped for with the A-side ‘Overthink’ being a high octane combination of sharpened 4×4 rhythms, alternating bass synthesizer slaps and clever vocal sampling, combining all of these elements into a bubbling pot of dancefloor magic. The B-side gives us a slightly different approach, focussing in on clanging percussive smashes, bulbous bassline action, and much more high energy feel on ‘Dead To me’. Both tracks give the EP an interesting overall vibe and we can’t wait to hear both of these in an actual dance, come the end of lockdown!

You can check out the full EP below, via our friends at JunoDownload:

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