Over the last couple of years the UKG scene has been very active indeed, seeing the UK scene in-particular start to once again build up a roster of high flying production whizzes and exciting label projects to match. We are of course talking about the Conducta’s, the Sammy Virji’s, The Shosh’s and the Smokey Bubblin’ B’s, but today we are going to be taking a closer look at a producer who in our eyes sits right in the middle of that group, the one and only: Higgo. Unlike the rest of the above names, Higgo burst onto the scene a couple of years back and has been on a fantastic run of top quality drops ever since.

The interesting thing about Higgo is, that he actually arrived delivering remixes as his primary output, with recreations of ‘American Boy’, ‘Be Honest’ and ‘Dynamite’ being three of the big projects that stand out from that original selection. Since then however, his sound has grown and taken on an entirely new life, now focussing on powerful original vocal features as the first port of call. His brand new single ‘Sleeping Alone’, which features the magnificent voice of Poppy Baskcomb as the pair combine for a certified summer banger.

As always with Higgo tracks, there is an undeniably bouncy vibe running throughout the entire composition, with flapping chords and warbling synthesizer jolts taking lead roles, providing the perfect backing for Poppy’s gorgeous lead vocal, which she takes to with a gold medal level performance. The track blends nostalgic melodies with futuristic production techniques perfectly and we are certain that this one will go down as one of the UKG anthems of the summer.

You can check out the link to the full track below via our good friends over at JunoDownload: 

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