Once again here at The 3000 Network, we are very excited to be taking a closer look at one of the labels that in our eyes, helped established the original structure of bass music’s recent boom, giving artists around the country a solid platform from which to showcase their sonic skillsets with the perfect amount of backing. There are a few labels that we feel fall into this bracket, with today’s special guests being the absolute dons over at In:flux Audio, who during their now extensive tenure in bass music, have helped craft the careers of many artists who now sit atop the scene as we know it.

One of the things that has always helped the In:flux movement stand out, is their fantastic ability to morph between different areas of electronic music with relative ease, often drifting primarily between UK bass and dubstep, allowing their roster to cross pollinate with a natural edge. This latest drop is a perfect example of that label-based creativity coming into the fold as they invite the fantastic sounds of Hexy on-board for a three track thrill ride, doused in original steppers flavour from top to bottom, so much so that we had to get involved ourselves!

Hexy - DONTUWANT [The 3000 Network Premiere]
Hexy – DONTUWANT [The 3000 Network Premiere]
There seems to have been a real push on the dubstep arm of the project in recent times, which is pretty evident here as we open up with ‘Hello’. This one is a seriously crunchy creation, focussing on scattered drum rhythms and pulsating LFO designs that cut through the mix with a slap in the, truly destined to send system-fuelled dances into an absolute tiz. Next, we embrace something even more gnarly as ‘DON’TUWANT’ combines jittering, circus-like chord progressions with a metallic sense of sound design for another grotty weapon, again, perfect for the late night ravers.

We then finish up with a look up at a very spicy remix addition as RUFUS! adds an additional bite to ‘Hello‘ with another belly-turning bash of demonic bass pulses and sizzling sub-bass arrangements, rounding off another successful EP design with a bang. We enjoyed this one so much that we had to get involved with an official 3000 Network premiere of ‘DONTUWANT’, which you can check out via the link below:


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