It’s always important to explore projects that are first and foremost, looking to make a serious difference in the world. This is exactly what we see with Femme Culture, a very energetic movement pushing both the promotion and understanding of women within creative avenues through incredible releases, live events and more. They have been gaining a serious amount of steam on the label front, with this brand new compilation we are here to talk about today coming just under a year after the previous edition.

Right from the jump, we need to point out just how exciting the tracklisting for this collection is, when we look through all of the different names involved, for one showing the momentum the label platform is building but also how many artists are keen to get involved with the project. We see a fantastic combination of rapidly rising newcomers and heavily established faces, with the likes of Bklava, Al Wootton, Breaks and Femme Culture regular: Elkka being the names that immedietly jump out at us.

There are also a number of inspiring appearances from the likes of SYZ, Talik, Suchi and many more throughout the entirety of the tracklisting, rendering this a pretty outstanding arrangement of originals to say the least. The whole collection actually runs pretty beautifully as a long play as well as working well for individual plays, with each track on the compilation offering something refreshing and unique, but also tying into a very pleasing, techno-inspired sonic landscape linking everything together.

Just so you can see the levels of majesty we are exploring, we have included the full tracklisting below:

Bklava – Thought U Had Me
Ayesha – Rezo
Al Wootton – Rome
Bambounou – Solal
Elkka – Head Back
Wayward – Say1thing
Ela Minus & Nicola Cruz – El Cielo No Es De Nadie
Moktar – PEAR
Talik – Unease
Suchi – Glisten
Farsight – Tusi
Ell Murphy & LUXE – Deeper Love
Jennifer Loveless – A Tool At Twilight
Roy Mills – G-Star RAWR
Syz – Purify
Breaka – Who’s This?
Alexis – Ethereal Skies
QRTR & Coffintexts – Minha
KAVARI – Reliant

To add to the fantastic appeal and importance of this release, there is of course a backdrop of charity behind the project, with all the funds being raised by the compilation having a direct donation to UN Women UK, as stated on the cover art, helping high risk individuals around the UN.

In the words of the label:

“Funds raised by HeForShe Vol. 4 will be donated to UN Women UK and will be split equally between their Safe Spaces Now programme (which looks to create safe public spaces for all women and girls) and their Ukrainian relief efforts – delivering on the ground for women and those at risk. 🇺🇦

“femme culture have signed the SSN programme’s open letter which demands safe, inclusive public spaces for all women and girls and we encourage you to do the same.”

You can check out the full project below via our good friends over a JunoDownload:

Follow: Femme Culture