We have been keeping our pen tips drenched in ink over the last few weeks, as the team over at CruCast have continued to explore numerous different avenues of electronic dance music, ranging from the most raucous of bass music to different splits in D&B to everything in between. For a label to be able to keep up this pace, week in week out, with each and every release hitting a higher level of quality as we go, is extremely impressive to say the least. Today, we are going to be exploring another drop from them as they welcome Harley D inside for another explosive D&B episode.

Based up in Birchington, Harley D has been making quite the name for himself over the last few years, drumming up some seriously intense creations and exploring numerous different soundscapes, honing his sound into a serious weapon for dance floors nationwide. His catalogue of honours speaks for itself, including very well received releases on the likes of Grid Recordings, OnlyDrums, Pick ‘n’ Mix, Invicta and more. Therefore, when we saw his link up with CruCast was the next thing on their schedule, we couldn’t resist taking a full listen to the project for a classic 3000 Network breakdown.


Harley D
Harley D

We kick off the project with the pure insanity of ‘Enter The Rave’, which through a fabulous fusion of junglist-style drum chops and lethal bass manipulations, gives us a nuclear impact of high tempo abandon, perfect for turning dances into absolute zoos. Following this, ‘Substances’ gives us a more jump-up influenced arrangement, focussing on quirky melodic glides and metallic bass stabs, all levelled by a serious sub-line below.


The intensity simply grows from here as the thunderous synthesizer thuds of ‘Confused’ are then let loose in all their majesty, running riot atop a minimal yet syncopated drum backdrop, before moving into our finale, which packs yet another gut-punch of fun. For this final outing ‘Radioactive’ gives us a dizzying synth lead, fluctuating through glitchy LFO glides and jingling percussive inputs, giving the EP a classy touchdown to round off.

It’s another heavyweight selection from the CruCast team, which you can stream/download below:



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