As we continue to explore the global expansion of garage music, we want to start of by saying how much of a pleasure it has been seeing the sound spread and secure itself around the world. The last three years has seen the 2-step influence spread at a very rapid rate, touching down on numerous different continents and attracting a listenership from nearly every town it touches. From Japan to the US, garage drums are rumbling and today we are going to dive into a very exciting new release from a label based in the latter, that of course being the legendary Night Bass.

Since their inception, there is no doubt that AC Slater has explored the globes numerous different takes on dance music, from the more European influenced sounds of tech and EDM to the more UK-centric garage arrangements. They have made a fantastic effort to showcase numerous UK heads, with the likes of Badger, MPH, Oppidan and many more all taking the trip over to LA to enjoy the fruitful nature of a Night Bass drop. This time around however, we see them welcome the sounds of the one and only Hans Glader, an L.A native who has forged his own direction within the garage scene, inviting us to take in a vibrant new single.

Now, despite being a primarily US production, this one does also feature the legendary vocal prowess of Gemma Fox, a name synonymous with the success of the early days of garage, who provides a fantastic topline on this new single ‘Operator’. As far as sound goes, this one is a perfect fusion of UK influence and L.A flavour, giving us a bubbly yet finesse-drippin creation, perfect for both the sweaty summer dances and the larger scale mainstages.  It’s always excitin see new music from Hans Glader as well, who has once again not dissapointed on this one.

You can check out the full track below via our friends over at JunoDownload

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