The main goal of our efforts here at 3000 HQ is to make sure we are doing the most we can to showcase bass and underground dance music from around the world. In recent times, we have found ourselves journeying across the sea more and more to take in the exciting projects currently being put together under the now legendary Night Bass imprint. It’s safe to say that as a label project, they waste little to no time getting involved we new areas of sound, with their recent run of releases and singles focussing on a much more UK-centric sound, namelee: garage.

This exciting expansion of the Night Bass sound has, as it always seems to, been accepted by the worldwide dance market with open arms, with this latest drop being a pretty outstanding showcase of the futurism within their catalogue. Enter: Hans Glader, one of the most talked about new-school garage producers in the scene right now, constantly crossing boundaries of sound and blending incredible new themes of soundscaping and harmonic structure.

The EP itself is a masterclass in futuristic production techniques & nostalgic instrumentation, with the title track ‘Culture’ linking together creamy saxaphone tones with catchy vcoal samples and groovy drums with incredible results. Next, the title track ‘Lumen’ takes a more typical approach, focussing on luscious soundscaping and hard hitting drum processing, followed by the awesome bass blends and clicky percussion that we find doing the business on ‘Dimelo’. Finally, ‘Set You Free’ puts the finishing touches on this sexy selection of sonic mastery, with some super groovy drum pulses and interesting melodic designs. We cannot stress enough how much we are looking forward to taking this project in on a system in the sunshine, because we feel it is truly built for good times.

You can check out the full EP below via our friends over at JunoDownload

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