2021 was without a doubt one of the strongest years on record for garage music, both in terms of the quality of releases we were able to explore, but also in terms of the sounds expansion across the global community. Through the introduction of online livestreams and the ease of cross-continent collaborations, we have seen a fantastic influx of international faces join the party that garage currently has going on, bringing with them new influences and approaches to once again push the sound to an entirely new level.

One label that has done a fantastic job of showcasing this global approach is of course Garage Shared, one of our favourite imprints who have continued to support artists across the international stage with a string of top quality compilation releases. Today however, they have landed in the US as they welcome the fantastic sounds of Hans Glader inside.

Hans Glader was listed as one of our top 10 garage producers of 2021, releasing an almighty collection of potent releases with a high level of consistency, giving him a real push forward and allowing him to establish a now very active fanbase. This now leads us onto the topic of today’s discussion as we see Hans land on UK soil for a highly anticipated remix project, exploring another one of our favourite producer’s originals.

Enter: Soulecta, one of Garage Shared’s front runners and easily one of the most consistent out there. His project ‘Soulecta & Friends’ was easily one of the strongest garage albums of last year, with ‘Something About You’ alongside the wonderful Leanne Louise being one of the drops highlights.

Hans Glader has however smashed things out of the park as he arrives for a rave-inspired remix, delivering a bulbous display of bouncing bass tones and skippy drum arrangements, again showcasing his mastery of the sound whilst also drawing on a wider bag of international influences within the arrangement to take it to an entirely different level. The vocal reworks also sound fantastic and make for a fantastic start to 2022 for both Hans Glader & the Garage Shared crew.

You can check out the single via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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