Hans Glader continues his journey into UKG with brand new Beastwang drop

The American incorporation into bass music has long been a recognized feature of bass music’s expansion across the globe, with numerous outfits over in LA specifically pushing out some top quality releases and genuinely pushing the sound forward, which we absolutely love to see. However, we have always found it a little bit strange that the US has never taken to garage music with quite the same level of excitement. Whether it be something about the rhythmic design of the UKG sound or the general vibe, for some reason the sound has never seemed to stick across the Atlantic.

Today, however, we are taking a look at one of the few producers to emerge from the US who seems to truly understand the garage sound, especially in its 2021 format. Enter: Hans Glader, a California-based production mastermind, whose uniquely bouncy and colourful approach to dance music lands him precisely where he needs to be to reinvent that garage sound with an LA twist. Hans is no stranger to the UK scene at this point, racking up numerous releases and collaborations with some of the biggest names this side of the water, including this brand new refix single which has found a home with our friends over at Beastwang.

The track itself feeds into so many different UKG themes, being of course a refix in its own right, taking the title ‘Hold The Wall‘. There is something so refreshingly unique about the compositional structure and constantly shifting use of rhythm that you can find within any Hans Glader track, but this one takes the biscuit, combining shimmering hi-hat manouvres with some seriously cool bass movements below to give this one an undeniable sense of groove. On top of this of course we can hear the delightful slicing of Justin Timberlake’s original vocal, which sees the Cali-based producer unleash a much needed ray of sunshine onto the snow-ridden UK scene.

The track is now available as a free download via the Beatwang SoundCloud page which we have attached for you to enjoy below:

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