Hamdi’s ‘Trumpet’ finally lands on Kiwi Rekords with killer remixes

There are a few faces we are always happy to see pop up onto our release feeds across the now extensively broadened realms of UK bass music, be that UK garage, grime, breaks or anything else that fits into our bracket. The buzz word for the last two years within underground dance music, especially within the UK has been garage, which as everyone can see has gone through a pretty explosive revival movement, spearheaded by the enthusiasm and expertise of Conducta and of course those working with the Kiwi Rekords camp.

Since their emergance we have began to see more and more garage producers switching up their sound and production techniques to keep up with the modernized approach we are seeing become so popular. One artist who has been able to switch up the flavours and apply his already lively approach to underground production is none other than Hamdi, a DJ & soundsmith who seems to have an incredibely valuable ability, being able to apply his signature sound across numerous genres without ever sounding forced or out of place.

This weekend we saw the Brighton & Oxford based mastermind pull together his Kiwi debut EP with ‘Trumpet’ accompanied by a couple of very saucy sounding remix additions.

The original track is exactly what we want to hear from a Kiwi release as Hamdi deploys a fantastic piece of sampling technique as a lone horn is left to shimmer and reverberate amongst a spacy pre-drop expanse, before the chops get to work to create a euphoric switch up like we’ve never heard before. When we dive into the remixes however is when things get even more interesting as Salute steps up firstly for a wavy, chord-driven refurbishment, alongside Y U QT’s more niche inspired bassline bubbler rethink. It’s a wicked selection of new school garage flavours, with Hamdi again proving just how versatile he really is.

You can check out the official previews for the tracks via the JunoDownload link below:

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