As far as producers go, we have always had a massive respect for those soundsmiths who are able to take their sound and move it into different avenues without losing the essence and energy of what they represent. This latest outing from the one and only Hamdi is a great example of that in action, as he continues to spread his wings around the full spectrum of electronic dance music. Having played B2B sets with Hamdi a number of times over the years and also watching his journey from near enough the starting to point to where we are now, his expansion and vision has been nothing short of breathtaking to witness.

For this latest outing, he joins forces with the dubstep-heavy imprint known as Locus Sound, who have remained incredibly consistent over the last few years, always looking to push the boat out into different streams of sonic direction, without losing the essence of what their catalogue is all about. This is why we were so excited to see this link up come to fruition, with a Hamdi’s recent interests turning much more towards the 140-side of the spectrum, gaining huge support from globally recognized names and sending ravers into an absolute state up and down the country himself.

We begin our explosive exploration into this one with a look at ‘Hand’, a simply stunning design that opens up the EP with a combination of finesse and emotive mastery. The track itself focusses on stripped back harmonic structures, delicate key stabs and a swirling backdrop of soundscapes, kicking off the EP in spectacular form. From here we are then greeted by a monstrous collection of synthesizer slides and grizzly LFO manouvres to match as ‘Squirrel’ lets us into the more racous side of Hamdi’s production arsenal, stacking Latin-vocals with skippy drum lines for a very energetic experiennce.

From here, we then round off the project with the sounds of ‘Who Can Drum’, another instant hit from the young maverick, taking a very recognizable system-clash sample and reworking it into a moody backdrop of sub-heavy 2-steppers flavour, giving us a fantastic finale.

Overall, this is a project that shows just how exciting Hamdi’s sound is and always has been and we can’t wait to see what’s next on the horizon for him. You can check out the full collection of tracks below via our good friends over at JunoDownload:

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