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Hadean and Vellum team up for a whirlwind collaboration on Bingo

Posted 2/5/19 in

In yet another collaboration between two of the scene’s shining lights, ‘The Vibe’ brings together Brighton native Hadean and Bristolian Vellum for a succinct lesson in bass music production.



With the former having just run a marathon of tour dates through East Asia and the latter proving to be on reliably top form, this offering at a tidy three minutes and thirty three seconds boasts neat listening and even neater production blending G vocals, harsh leads and subs with tastefully syncopated rhythmic flairs and tight drum arrangements.

With many of Bingo’s recent releases embracing a darker, more rave-ready sound, ‘The Vibe’ couldn’t be more at home in an esteemed catalogue curated by none other than scene legend DJ Zinc.

You can check out ‘The Vibe’ below along with all the relevant socials and be sure to follow each of the very talented gentlemen involved in bringing this release to fruition below!

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Words: Jordan Moussavi 


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