The beauty of the garage scene in 2021 is just how expressive and creative producers are now able to be within the exploration of their own sound. The combination of influences being shared between spritely newcomers and established veterans of the scene is continuing to spawn spectacular creations across the board, the overall feel of the scene coming across to be stronger than ever before. One of the labels who has played a big part in that growth and foundational structuring is of course Garage Shared, who are back at it once again with another killer selection on their sister imprint GS DUBS, this time welcoming the ever-ready sounds of Tuff Culture.

As a veteran of the game in so many ways, it’s always exciting to see new projects land from Tuff Culture, whose combination of consistency and innovation sits him high on nearly every garage fans top tier listings. He is most known for his numerous release series’, with this latest drop seeing him return to the ‘Roots’ project for the third full edition, this time focussing in on retro influences and gamer themes with the title being ‘Attack Of The Retro Consoles’. It’s an interesting name, but if we are being honest, he delivers exactly what it says on the tin once again.

The EP itself is made up of three wicked originals, the first taking the title ‘N64’, which is an instantaneous must-have for any garage DJ. The nostalgic flavours run wild through this one, from the craftily sampled vocal rolls to the groovy chord progressions and skippy drum arrangements. This is then followed by the much more stripped back sounds of ‘Mega Drive’, which removes the higher ended melodic elements in favour of a grizzly bassline, which for sure leads the track down a much more rave-driven direction. Finally, ‘C64’ takes a much more delicate approach, with fluttering synthesizer curls and less intense basslines rattling away below to give us a truly groovy outro.

As always, Tuff Culture and the Garage Shared team have delivered, the product of which you can check out via our friends and JunoDownload below:

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