The speed and consistency with which the GS Dubs crew have been able to both rise to prominence and also stay in such an established position is something we, both as fans of the sound and reporters on the scene rate extremely highly. Since establishing the GS imprint as the sister, white-label style platform to Garage Shared, the team behind the scenes have been working absolute wonders to continuously showcase the latest new bangers from some of the most exciting names the scene has to offer right now.

This week they have been busy once again, locking in two very exciting releases. The thing we love the most about the GS Dubs platform is the fact that it operate with such a uniquely stripped back approach. It’s not about the fuss or the grand parade of PR around the release, it’s just all about good UKG, the way we believe it should be!

The first of this very exciting pair of releases comes to us in the form of a collaboration, seeing the heavyweight sounds of Smokey Bubblin’ B, join forces with the incredibly consistent WZA for a vibrant roller by the name of ‘All I (Wanna Do)’.  In typical fashion for the popular duo, they apply the perfect mix and blend of nostalgic influences into the mix, encased in modern production methodology to deliver a track that can be appreciated by the full spectrum of the UKG scene. This pair are rapidly proving why they are held in such high acclaim by platforms such as ourselves.

The second of this wavy double drop of singles comes to us from Deja, one of the most rapidly rising talents across the full spectrum of garage today. His recent run of releases under both Garage Shared & GS Dubs has seen his popularity grow massively in a relatively short space of time, and with releases of this quality, it’s immediately understandable why.  Taking the title ‘Escape’, this one packs a real bass-driven punch, sweeping between spacy synthesizer lines and tidy vocal slices above a booming bassline warble that is sure to send the ravers into an absolute frenzy.

Both singles are set to cause some serious damage as the GS Dubs team continue to impress on so many levels. We have embedded both tracks below for your listening pleasure!

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