The concept of remixing is often somewhat of a throwaway discussion when it comes to putting together new releases, however, in our eyes, when done correctly, it can completely make or break the success and longevity of a tracks popularity. Over the years, UK bass music has produced some fantastic remixes, but the garage world is at this point pretty famed for being the perfect melting pot to rework songs into.

Today we are taking a look at a spicy remix number, taking the fabulous sounds of Deja & Sydney Jane’s ‘Give It To Me’ and creating something entirely new. I was a massive fan fo the original of this one, actually giving it the UK premiere on Trickstar Radio and it’s been a track I have continued to play on a regular basis. Both of the artists invovled have grown massively since the launch of this one, with Deja’s stock rising in a production sense and Sydney Jane’s vocal work being picked up by the likes of the legendary Disclosure.

It makes sense therefore to take this one somewhere different and explore new possibilities, hence why the Gent-based Golden Lambo has been drafted in for a super colourful overhall, taking the already glittering original and reworking the track into a bright singalong, injecting new energy with some electrifying synthesizer action and of course a colourful display of chords, all pulled together by a smooth bassline below.When giving examples of how to do a remix right, taking all that energy of the original creation and sending it somewhere completely new and refreshing, look no further than this.

Alongside this, we are also hearing rumours of another very exciting remix of this one en route from the one and only Tuff Culture, so we are going to be sure to keep our eyes peeled for that one as soon as it lands. You can check out the full Golden Lambo remix via the JunoDownload link below:

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