In our eyes, innovation in sound is everything. We also feel that all too often, innovation within genre boundaries is never appreciated enough at the time, meaning that people tend to receive their sonic flowers a few years down the line. One sound that has been filled to the brim with innovative figures ever since it’s inception is of course dubstep, one of the UK’s proudest electronic exports.

The last few years have seen a surge of returning interest into the genre, which is enjoying a combination of high digital sales and a wealth of forward thinking producers. In regards to the structure of the scene, across both the artists involved and the wealth of consistently performing imprints, it’s rarely looked stronger on an underground level than we are seeing right here, right now.

Back to the concept of innovation within a sound however, as we take a closer look at today’s official premiere, which comes as the first release from the freshly-faced imprint of Caseload Records. The label is based in Manchester, which has become somewhat of a hotbed for the dubstep sound in recent years, making this new drop make more and more sense by the minute. So, let us introduce you to the main event.

Enter: Gold Finger & Wukkz, a producer and vocal combo that have pulled out all the stocks on this brand new single to push the boundaries of the original dubstep sound further into previously unknown regions than ever before. The track takes the title ‘Minding My Own’ and the first thing you will notice is the slightly slowed pace of the tempo compared to a typical dubstep original.


Goldfinger x WUUKZ - Minding My Own
Goldfinger x WUUKZ – Minding My Own

Usually, this is rarely received with a super positive response, however, the pure power that the instrumental is able to pack below Gold Finger’s explosive Mancunian vocal performance gives us the perfect amount of sonic energy needed. The instrumental itself is made up of gnarly metallic bass drones coupled with industrial drum punches and eerie atmospheric pad textures to really hit home that dungeon-esc feel.

It’s out there for certain, but the uniqueness of the tracks composition doesn’t play as a crutch, in fact it plays as an advantage, with the fresh approach to both the production techniques and vocal processing giving it a shiny new feel right from the off, so much so that we simply had to get involved ourselves.

You can check out our official premiere via the embedded SoundCloud link below:

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