As always here at The 3000 Network, we like to keep an eye out for the latest musical explosions, especially within UK bass music which continues to sweep the country with a serious amount of vim, leaving dancefloors in an absolute tizz and ravers leaping around like nobodies business. Today we are going to be continuing our themes of exploring newer, more up and coming talent, with a look into an EP that is gaining a lot of traction and getting a lot of people talking as Gobbs makes a vibrant apperance on SubSound with the ‘Cherry Red’ EP.

Gobbs himself is based over in Pheonix, US, but that doesn’t stop him holding a solid understanding of the UK sound, with the assistance of SubSound of course. As far as labels go, the SubSound team have been on a roll in recruiting some of the most exciting new names in bass music, with their influence in their hometown of Carlisle also having a very positive effect on the local scene. This is a link up that therefore makes a lot of sense, with the theme of the EP again being that classic, dancefloor-inspired style of bassline music.

Gobbs - Cherry Red EP
Gobbs – Cherry Red EP

The EP itself is built together of three rave-ready sizzlers, perfect for upping the intensity in any dance as Gobbs explores a very classic approach to UK bass music across some exciting production techniques and smooth metallic flavour. The lead track ‘Cherry Red‘ launches the project off with an eerie sense of high pitched atmospheric pressure, leading towards a warbling drop that will surely incite chaos in the dance. Following this a similar but alternating approach arrives on ‘Look Around’, this time utilizing catchy vocals and alternating bass synths to up the pressure even more.

The EP then finishes off with a hard hitting 140-rethink of the title track ‘Cherry Red’ from Red Demloxx, unleashing a fierce barrage of square-sounding LFO’s and trap-like drums to reformat the original into a grime inspired crunch, rounding off the EP with a nice twist. You can check out the full project via the SoundCloud link below:

Download from Beatport here: