As far as genre’s returning to the mainstay go, everyone has been talking about garage as the primary revival sound for the last couple of years. However, it’s safe to say that despite more commercial success of it’s older cousin-genre, the sound of dubstep has arguably never been stronger. Having kept a close eye on the vast, varying ranges of producers and label imprints to really leap into action since 2018, the underground is undergoing a powerful spruce up, with the energy levels and enthusiasm for the darker sound of dubstep music becoming something very special indeed.

One of the labels that has undoubtedly earned a legendary status within the ranks of the sound is of course Mala’s Deep Medi Musik, a project with their fingers on the pulse of the “now-sound”. This is why we were so thrilled to see that their latest release features the sounds of two of the outstanding steppers creators over the last few years in Glume & Phossa. If you haven’t heard of these two, we would be keen to hear which rock you have been able to hide under. For us, there have been few artists pair ups to unleash such a consistent run of new EP projects since their emergence.

The EP itself features four fiery originals, which pretty much summarize the breadth of creativity these two are working with, kicking off with ‘Banshee’, a super-melodic dive into medieval melodies and crunchy sub-pressure below. Next, the glittering arpeggio maneuvers and potent basslines of ‘Jitter’ switch the vibe up significantly, before the heroic sounding harmonics and skippy percussive inputs of ‘Vessel’ take us down another alley still. The party then finishes off with another look at ‘Sunken’, which again shows off this incredible duo’s ability with unique melodic structure, a theme that runs strong through the entire tracklisting for the this project.

We feel this EP is a well deserved leap forward for the Bristol-based partnership and most certainly doesn’t disappoint. You can check out the previews for the full release via the link below, supplied by our good friends over at JunoDownload HQ

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