As we continue to trek across the expanse of underground dance music that is now being exhaled from a global production base, we very much enjoy seeing labels we have been following for a long period of time continuing to expand and grow their genre catalogue. The worlds of bass and D&B have been continuously intertwined along this journey of expansion and quality enhancement, with this year being perhaps the most explosive in regards to new areas of sound being explored. Today we are taking a look at a label we have a lot of time for here at The 3000 Network, as the wonderful team over at CruCast unveil another spicy EP.

This time around they are inviting the colourful sounds of Gino along for the ride, a producer who has quite the back catalogue to explore before getting into this latest drop, having previously released with CruCast to a great response, alongside powerful creations for Audioporn, Clam and Down 2 Earth Muzik to name a few. This is in fact the fourth official release on CruCast for which Gino has been front and centre, with this latest release adding to that super consistent run over the last couple of years of working with the label. 

We open up the EP with a look at ‘Suit Malfunction’, a seriously gritty dip into the industrial side of drum & bass, fusing a box of metallic drum instrumentation with clanking bass designs and sharpened subs below, before the eerie reese textures and scuttling synth crunches of ‘Doomsday’ are let loose to cause a serious ruckus. From here, ‘You Are Going Down’, welcoming a tide of harsh LFO squelches and intense percussive work below, before stripping things back for another iron roller in ‘The Papers’, a crunchy combination of scatty bass design and more stripped back drum arrangement, closing out the EP in style!


Stream/download here: