Across the broad spectrum of bass music that currently populates the UK underground dance music scene, we are always exciting to see what is popping in the world of 140, with dubstep inparticular being a sound that is undoubtedly gaining a serious amount of momentum, with more and more events popping up around the country and a string of labels relentlessly releasing top quality material. Today we are going to be looking at the return of a UK veteran, joining forces with the ever-ready Infernal Sounds for a sumptuous new sonic experience across a colourful three track EP project.

Within dubstep and 140 sounds in general, Gemmy is a truly legendary figure, through his earlier work exploring the purple side of the dubstep sound to his more recent creations, his approach to production has always balanced somewhere between the gnarly and the beautiful. With a seriously good ear for catchy melodies and a unique approach to percussion and rhythm, we were absolutely thrilled to see him link up with the Infernal Sounds team, who themselves have been on a seriously impressive run, cementing their spot in and around the upper echelons of modern dubstep music.

We open up our listening experience with a dive into ‘Irreversible Culture’, a dubwise dance-off between scattered percussive pulses and a dizzying sub-texture below, constantly expanding with new layers of rhythm being folded into a very lively arrangement, laying down the quality bracket for the EP instantly. Next up, ‘Destination’ sees Gemmy show of a little more of that melodic magic as numerous vocal slices and arpeggios are let loose amidst another bed of writhing percussive swipes and synthetic notation. Finally, the legendary RSD jumps on remix duty for ‘Irreversible Culture’, supplying a dub-influenced, 2-step twist up of the original, sending it into another direction completely and giving DJ’s nationwide another stick of dynamite to throw in the dance.

The full drop is an absolute triumph and a fantastic transition for Gemmy, which you can check out using the link below via our good friends over at JunoDownload.

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