Since the launch of the side-imprint, Garage Shared have been pushing a tonne of exciting new music through their ‘GS Dubs’ project, which in our eyes can only be seen as a massive positive. This old school approach to releasing music with minimal fuss and letting the bangers speak for themselves is definitely an approach that has been gaining momentum in recent times, especially across the garage scene which will always have those unbreakable ties to nostalgia and simplicity with the backdrop of white label culture still translating nicely into 2021. 

Despite the high quality of drops they have been amassing, the quality level is yet to dip in the slightest, an idea amplified significantly by the return of Gemi, one of UKG’s most talked about faces in 2021. Through a combination of exciting live events, a bubbling personality online and a tonne of top quality riddims, Gemi is undoubtedly establishing himself as one of the true UK flag flyers for the sound, with his colourful approach to production opening a number of ear drums up and stunning ravers the nation over.

The single itself, taking the title ‘Always You’, is yet another fantastic example of Gemi’s outstanding skillset, as we jump directly into an energetic roller doused in electronic trimmings and super-groovy rhythmic switch ups. The track is brought to life by Gemi’s uniquely potent approach to vocal slicing, giving the lead track slightly harsh yet intriguing feel.

When this is then doubled with bulbous shining synthesizer slides, crunchy drum compression and a general uplifting feel. This almost feels to an extent like Gemi just flexing, with this sound coming so naturally to him and fitting perfectly alongside the rest of the GS Dubs catalogue.. We genuinely can’t wait to see what he has on the way in the future!

This one is available to preview now, which you can check out below via our good friends over at JunoDownload:

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