With the incredibly consistent growth of garage music across the breadth of the last three years, it’s so exciting to be able to watch the scene both evolve and grow, through a string of exciting new artists working along the more established labels and old school faces to give us a seriously cool mix and blend of influence and styles. Today, we are going to be taking a look at one of the latest offerings from one of, if not THE most consistent garage label out there as the Garage Shared crew have put together their ‘Ones To Watch’ release for 2022, showcasing some of the brightest new talents across the UKG spectrum.

Garage Shared as a platform pride themselves in their consistent ability to unveil the next generation of garage talent, a theme they have definitely kept to with this fabulous box of flavour, with all four artists delivering applicable and palpable bangers for the world to enjoy, announcing themselves with a serious feeling of impact. This isn’t the first time we have seen Garage Shared work this method and we are sure it won’t be the last as well.

We open up with a look at Ben Hydro, a very exciting newcomer to the garage sound who hits the ground running with this vibrant creation, exploring a number of nostalgic themes with some NUKG style production twists to give us a really moody bubbler on ‘Astronomer’. Next, DJ Jackum continues his sizzling breakout with a much quicker sounding arrangement on ‘Penthouse’, utilizing floaty synth pads and suave melodic twists. Next up, our personal highlight as Laura Alice delivers a catchy vocal arrangement topped with sliding keyboard dives and moody bass fluctuations on ‘Get Up’, before Plipfig provides the final punch on ‘Can’t Deny It’, exploring more experimental rhythmic arrangements and choppy drum structures for a wicked outro.

The whole project is a fantastic window into the future of garage music, which you can check out via our good friend at Junodownload using the link below: