We are once again back here on The 3000 Network to talk about garage music, which after following the sound a lot more closely for the last four years, it’s safe to say there is no doubt that garage has become a global sound. In the earlier days of UKG, it seemed to a lot of people like the sound was always going to be quite a UK-scentric movement, with the majority of the top producers and vocalists all hailing from similar areas around the country. However, in recent times we have seen an explosion of international attention, with so many new international faces getting involved in pushing the genre forward, very similar to the likes of dubstep and drum & bass to name a couple of similar stories.

The team over at Garage Shared have played a big part in helping push this situation forward, with their constant support for international artists via both their primary label platform and of coure GS Dubs. Today, we are going to be diving into the second edition of their extremely popular ‘Around The World In UKG’ series, which after the first drop caused a lot of people to begin genuinely looking abroad for new 2-step talent. They have just put together the second volume of the fabulous series, featuring 6 solid sizzlers from around the garage globe.

We open up with Mar’One, who delivers a futuristic, piano-driven dive into quirky garage flavour on ‘Wind’, delivering wonky drum beats and unusual rhythmic designs to really kick the project off in style. Unknown David then follows with a seriously euphoric design on ‘Leep Stick’, stacked with bubbling 808 drum rolls and catchy vocal chops, before Plipfig arrives with ‘Wake Up’, a wobbling masterclass in spacey production techniques. We then cool off slightly with the much more minimal arrangements of Tripleset’s ‘Nostalgia’, a vibrant skip through luscious sonic backdrops, before Lincold Baio arrives with the heavy vocal presence and chord-driven slides of ‘Fallin’, which again packs a real quirky punch. Finally, ‘Flex’ gives us a smooth landing from Neve & 5THSUITE, which rounds things off in serious style.

You can check out the full project via JunoDownload below:

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