It’s always a pleasure for us here at The 3000 Network to be able to sit back and take in a fullly fledged remix album, but with the ridiculous levels of consistency we seem to see eminating out of the Garage Shared camp, it’s becoming genuinely difficult to keep up with the pure mass of quality creations they are able to put out so regularly. With Soulecta’s remix album landing last week and a tonne of other drops already launching so far this year, this explosive new compilation is a perfect showcase of just why the the label is gaining so much momentum both in the UK and on the global stage.

As far as rosters go, they probably boast the broadest and most intricate collection of garage artists, with this new project being a great look into that sense of depth we explore whenever we browse their extensive catalogue. In regards to original creations, we see the likes of Tuff Culture, SG, Soulstate, Blakk Habit, Prozak, Cecelia, Vital Techniques, George IV, Soulecta & Elliot Chapman all offer up their originals to be reworked, and to be honest, the Garage Shared crew must be thrilled as the pure quality we are able to experience listening through this is second to none.

First up, Hans Glader arrives from across the water to deliver a scrumptuous overhaul of ‘Good Vibes’, followed by Mkjay’s new version of ‘Come Home’, again utilizing a beautiful fusion of nostalgic sounds and newschool production skills. Prozak then steps up to rework ‘Tell Me’ into a pulsating roller topped with old school organ chords, with Deja’s breathy recreation of ‘Breeze’ then leading into Oh My Daze doing what he does best, by turning ‘You Must Have’ into a much quicker paced rave stomper.

The fun then continues as Howden gets busy with the auto-tuned vocal slides and booming bass stabs of ‘Judging Me’, with K9 then arriving to overhaul ‘Forgettin’ You’ into a progressive rave bubbler, driven primarily by a very tidily arranged drum set and lethal bassline below. Finally, Tuff Culture gives us the perfect outro as the choppy bass sweeps and crunchy percussion of his ‘Walk Away’ remix rounds off the project with a powerful knee slide of a riddim.

You can check out the full collection below via our good friends over at JunoDownload:

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