2021 has been a pretty outstanding year for garage music across the board, with the overall scene never looking healthier and the magnitude of different artists getting involved rising higher than we can ever remember. This of course has been helped by all of the newer label imprints that have popped up alongside this revolution of new producers, with our of our favourites of those being the topic of today’s discussion. In our eyes, the consistency with which the Garage Shared boys have been able to approach this year has been nothing short of astounding, with today’s focus being on an extension of a previous project, just to push that point further.

We are of course talking about the long awaited remix collection for Soulecta’s awesome ‘Soulecta & Friends’ album project, which without a shadow of a doubt was one of the highlight albums to land across the full breadth of UKG this year. As always with Garage Shared however, it looks as though they want to go the extra mile, pushing a big selection of those original collaborations into new territory, recruiting some of the UK’s biggest names on remix duty to supply us with 5 brand new bangers for the dance.

First up, some serious sunshine flavour as Foor arrives on remix duty for ‘Feel Your Feet’, taking Emma Cannon’s original vocal line and creating a gorgeous array of nostalgic chord lines and bubbling basslines, followed closely by niche-inspired DJ Q rework of ‘Dance’ again working Dread MC’s super catchy vocal line into a bass-driven stomper. From here, more catchy organ slides and skippy drum textures as Tuff Culture delivers a spicy rework of ‘Good For You’ featuring Lee Walker, with Sub Templa then arriving to give ‘We No Speak London’ a futuristic squelching overhaul. Finally, MKJay unleashes some serious dancefloor energy as ‘Something About You’ lands for the final remix project, seeing Leanne Louise’s fabulous original vocal given a much more electronic-sounding treatment.

Once again, the combined strength of Soulecta and Garage Shared team have come together to create a monster of a drop, just in time for Christmas!

You can check out the full release of the project via the JunoDownload link below:

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