There are certain labels, it would seem at least, that are starting to become serious regulars here at The 3000 Network, coinciding beautifully with garage’s most powerful period of control over both the charts and the underground’s since its earlier 90’s incursion. This is something we love, as working with label projects on a more regular basis is easily one of the most productive ways of keeping you, our extremely valued readers in touch with everything currently taking place across the UK bass scene as a whole. 

Today we are getting back in touch with one our projects as Garage Shared, undeniably one of the most consistent UKG imprints currently operating around the UK, unleash an incredible new project, which explores garage on a genuine global scale. Taking the title ‘Around The World In UKG’, this project, as you can I’m sure imagine, takes us on a journey around the state of garage worldwide, with the sound clearly expanding and exploring new corners of the planet that had previously been untapped by the 2step flavour.

This project is a pretty good embodiment of why we hold the Garage Shared team in such high esteem, with original recordings being imported from a country range including: Germany (IndiAlman) / Spain (Bowser) / Chile (Hitch.93) / Russia (DJ Djegor) / USA (Kiefer Ian) / Canary Islands (DubbalifE) / Japan (Keiju) / Czech Republic (ODODDNT) and The Netherlands (DJ Blaize).

This is a forward thinking approach to releasing what has previously been a UK-centric sound and we genuinely can’t wait to see what occurs when the original 2-step formula is absorbed further and altered by a more worldwide audience. You can check out the previews for the full release via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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