Garage is alive and well across the many halls of the underground dance music spectrum, with folks around the globe slowly but surely warming to the sound of 2-stepping drums and vocal slices from across the ages. This growth in both popularity and quality has been a very enjoyable journey to watch develop for us here at The 3000 Network, who do our best to keep our fabulous readership up to date with the biggest, spiciest releases out there from within the garage spectrum, with one of the most oustanding and consistent imprints today making their return with a sumptuous new selection.

Compilations as a whole can go one of two ways, especially when they are stacked as this beauty, but the Garage Shared team have proven time and time again they know what they are doing when it comes to balancing projects like this, with another masterstroke of A&R brilliance coming into play. The selection is simply titled ‘Garage Shared 4’, and features a host of the label’s most prized production assets across 30 sizzling original creations, giving us a full tour of the modern garage spectrum in style.

Again, some would say 30 tracks is a risk, with the potential for heaters to be forgotten or missed due to the sheer mass of quality, but every now and then a blow out of this magnitude doesn’t hurt and can in fact inspire a number one across the digital stores due to it’s quality and mass. The tracklisting features a barrage of heavyweights, with the likes fo Soulecta, Tuff Culture, FooR, Dread MC, Gemi, Smokey Bubblin B, WZA & more all delivering powerhouse drops, followed by the newer breed of Deja, Rich Ellis, Howden, Ollie Weeks and a bag more all supplying a feed of new school energy to match.

It’s a truly masterful collection, which you can preview in full via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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