We’ve often made a point on this platform of highlighting the importance of a balanced roster. You can’t take on the world with nothing but newcomers, but in the same vein, maintaining a release catalogue of nothing but veterans is eventually going to make the river run dry. This balance is something sets certain labels apart from the crowd and gives the listeners that extra dash of attachment, not knowing what’s going to be thrown at their ears next. Today, we are going to be taking a look at a label that in our eyes, treads this line of balance perfectly, combining fresh new and up and coming talent with a selection of veteran creators.

We are of course talking about Garage Shared, who continue to impress with every release and may well be the most featured label of 2021 here at The 3000 Network. The consistency with which these guys seem to be able to put together drops is on a different planet, with this latest offering being a fantastic showcase of their newcomers across five sizzling creations.

We begin our full assessment of this one with a look at Deja and Sydney Jane’s fantastic collaboration ‘Give It To Me’, which pretty much epitomizes the summer garage sound, combining beautiful vocal layers over choppy drums to kick start any party. Next, Howden combines bassline and garage with some heavyweight synth work on ‘Obsession’, with Green Deep‘s ‘It’s Alright then giving us a much more horn-driven creation, packed with subby flavour. Lewis Taylor then takes the vocal manipulation to a whole new level with the powerful slices of ‘Temperature‘, before SOULSTATE gives us a belter of a finale with ‘I Wanna’, topping off yet another top quality selection from the Garage Shared team.

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