In 2017, UK Garage group, FooR, revitalised the legendary Pure Garage compilations, originally mixed by DJ EZ, injecting life back into the UK Garage scene, which lead to the formation of the label, Garage Shared, with the goal in mind of re-building the scene from the ground up and elevating the artists and sound associated with the genre.

Fast forward 3 years and Garage Shared has grossed millions of streams and has released music from UK Garage artists across the world. Consistently one of the top selling labels on stores such as Beatport and Juno Download, the Garage Shared brand isn’t slowing down and has recently announced their debut London show this August with a lineup compiled by FooR including artists from the labels alongside some of the biggest artists in the scene.

The Garage Shared Annual, mixed and compiled by FooR, is set for release early September and is made up of 40 tracks showcasing the strength of the artist on the Garage Shared label as well the the strength of the ever-growing new UK Garage scene worldwide. Including artists from places such as Singapore, Brasil, Russia and beyond, Garage Shared showcase time again that the Garage genre is no longer UK exclusive.

No stranger to a mixed compilation, FooR expertly compile The Annual and the journey through is clean and well structured to match the mood of each and every track. Although there is a mix of artists featured, the quality of the music remains high throughout with features from the likes of K9, Deja and Oh My Daze standing tall alongside names such as Soulecta, Gemi and Tuff Culture.

So, what’s next for FooR and their ventures through the ever growing UK Garage scene? Group member, Tyrone, has recently had a UK Garage single signed to Relentless Records (Sony) produced by fellow FooR members, Gavin Foord and Jon Doe set for release later this month, showing how far UK Garage has come and how much potential there still is within this ever-expanding genre.

As for Garage Shared, this year they have stepped out from the crowd as the leaders of the UK Garage scene and their inclusion of artists from all over the world has helped to quite literally put them on the map. The Annual has already given an insight into what’s to come for the label and come 2022 they’re only going to get bigger and better.

Stream ‘The Annual’: https://snd.click/theannual/

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