As the CruCast reign continues to grow and expand into numerous different areas of sound, conquering all in it’s path, we are once again exploring that journey here at The 3000 Network. The last few weeks have been an absolute festival of madness, with the team behind the label pumping out at least one release a week, giving their active and constantly expanding fanbase more and more content to chow down on, with this latest offering being another absolute weapon that we can already see causing and absolute ruckus in the dance.



G dub & Amplify feat Eksman - 'Lights In the Air'
G dub & Amplify feat Eksman – ‘Lights In the Air’

One of the more exciting elements of this recent CruCast run is the constant and noticeable drift towards a lot more D&B-centric material, giving an extra lease of life to the catalogue, which despite being genuinely quite varied around the UK bass spectrum, has now advanced to a whole new level. For this latest outing, they have invited a wicked combination of sounds on-board, as we see the arrival of G Dub & Amplify, alongside the legendary vocals of Eskman, a killer combination that we can already see rattling a few cages.  This is G Dub & Eskman’s debut appearances on CruCast, following on from a short break way from releasing, with Amplify returning from his Universal EP back in February of this year.

The track itself is a serious dance floor monster, as we open up with as we hear those instantly recognisable vocals from Eskman lay waste to a drippy backdrop of blippy synthesizer dips and growling reese textures, giving the whole track a very explosive build up. When we then reach the drop, all carnage is unleashed as a gnarly combination of gritty bass notation, sharpened snare crunches and an overall raucous combination of instrumentation, making this a serious weapon for any jump up DJ to equip themselves with.

You can stream/download the full track below: