Fyah Sis unleashes her weighty rework of ‘Notorious’ in a 3000 Network Premiere

In our quest to explore as many different areas of underground music as possible, our journey has lead us into a previously unexplored area from this channel as we jump into a very weighty section of UK Rap music. Now, make no mistake about it, all of the genres we review and showcase on a daily basis all work back via the same parent route, with everything stemming originally from the wonder that is soundsystem culture. Today therefore, we explore a very exciting creation from the one they call Fyah Sis, who lands this hard hitting new single entitled ‘Notorious’ as an exclusive 3000 Network Premiere.

Fyah Sis - Notorious [The 3000 Network Premiere]
Fyah Sis – Notorious [The 3000 Network Premiere]
Now as far as original recordings go, this one has a very notable influence right from the off that we couldn’t help but notice. The original recording of ‘Notorious‘ by Jamaican recording artist: Turbulence, was at the time a chart topping success, partly thanks to the creation of the song being featured on the infamous ‘RiseUp Movie‘ documentary, which is well worth a watch if you haven’t already.

Now when reworking any flow or pattern, the golden rule is to make sure you are doing it justice. Too often we hear half-hearted attempted at remixing classic hooks and vocal melodies which just get swept under the rug. However, with this adaptation of the hook, we hear Fyah Sis spin the track into something completely new, over a hard hitting Rap instrumental with some powerful vocal manoeuvres, it’s an almost perfect way to rebuild and simultaneously pay homage to a very important track. Despite the fact it is quite a way away from our usual realms, this is a premiere we are very excited to be bringing you all!

Fyah Sis
Fyah Sis

You can check out our official premiere of this one via the SoundCloud link below:

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