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From Wales to Belarus, 877 Records deliver the long distance collaboration of a lifetime.

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As bass music grows and the spectrum expands ever further into the unknown spheres of creativity, it’s always pleasing to see the more established labels embracing this expansion with real finesse. Today we are here to take a look at the latest offering from the Brighton based 877 Records, who boast a super impressive catalogue to say the least. With releases from the likes of My Nu Leng, Majora, Distro and Kry Wolf just for starters, it’s safe to say that label head honcho Dom certainly has his finger on the pulse of British bass culture.

The theme of creative expansion is rife here as they bring in Deech & Magugu, artists from opposite ends of the world, for an explosive debut on the label with a track by the name of ‘Mugu’. If you are looking for a fusion between future funky and dark bass themes, look no further, as Deech lays out a tribal drum expanse, bursting with rhythmic flare above a darkened base of sub and horn pressure. Magugu then gets to work as he provides us with a deep vocal performance, utilising his low tonal range perfectly to fill the space in the mix perfectly.



On remix duty we were pleased to see bassline and funky favourite: Killjoy step forward to do what he does best. He firstly strips the track back to its core, minimizing the previously hectic drum structures into a more concise percussive arrangement, eventually developing into a subtle 4×4 rhythm as the track progresses. When you couple this with Killjoy’s unique bass design and then a reprocessed vocal line, you are most certainly into a winner.

We were lucky enough to catch up with the pair ahead of the release to have a discussion about how such an unlikely pairing came together. 


So firstly, how does a pairing between Wales and Belarus come about in the first place?

I was sitting on that instrumental for a long time. Trying to find right vocalist. Somehow I found Magugu’s track on Hot Mom USA label (Shouts to DJ Shiftee!) I immediately sent that beat to him ? I am very happy with the result. Magugu is a huge talent.

 Stylistically, how do you feel you have influenced each other on this release?

Magnus brought that mad Pigeon rap vibe to my beat. The song has that mystical groove which is unusual and interesting and that’s because of his unique voice and flow.

Is bass music an area you always wanted to work in?

Yeah. I am very comfortable at the tempo around 130 bpm. I make bass busic all the time. except maybe the early days of my musical path when I was just making boom bap beats.
On one hand I like miami bass with those lush chords and melodies. On the other hand all that funky/afrobeats sort of stuff with lots of
percussion. So I’m somewhere in between those directions.

What is it like working with a label as established as 877?

I don’t know if I’m honest, I have only good experience with UK based labels. Dom is really stoked for the release. I am glad to work with 877 Records.

Any other shouts?

Shout out to Killjoy who made his kick-ass remix of Mugu. Pure madness!

You can check out the release below:

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Words: KXVU

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